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    recommend any good plugin for wordpress to watermark

    recommend any good plugin for wordpress to watermark
    my friend runs a image based wp-blog and he uses lot of attachments and he doesn't like the gallery plugin so he is using the default attachment feature of WP.

    He has been posting exclusive content with out watermark only to find his content posted on other sites and blogs, the next day leading more traffic to their sources (he has proof of his content copied due to small marks on the images),
    he wanted to use an desktop watermark software, so he is planning to use some software, but he wants the pictures already attached to be watermarked as well as those content be protected atleast for the future visitors

    can u suggest any good plugins for watermarking attached images in WP

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    did you try

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    no he didn't try any, just checked, he is using 2.8.x version and wp-watermark is currently compatible upto 2.7 as far its mentioned on the wp-watermark site

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