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    1 reseller client (15 / $25 monthly) for sale...

    I am selling up my company and have 1 client left who needs a reliable new home. He's paying 15 GBP monthly (which currently translates to $25 monthly - $300 yearly), and is getting 15,000MB of Disk space and 250,000MB of bandwidth. He has however used practically none of this. The reseller is a website designer and using this reseller simply to host future clients websites on.

    He uses no billing system or anything else at any cost to the business.

    Feel free to ask any questions by PM.

    I'm looking for a reliable host, and he will go to the company who gives me the best offer within 24 hours as I'm looking for a quick sale. Offer what you can. I'm not expecting that much tbh.
    █ Regards,
    Ben Read - HostinGator

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    Please contact me on contact(at)logicidea(.)com

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    Do you have an msn that I can talk to you on?

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    yes but please send me an email at contact(at)logicidea(.)com first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logicidea View Post
    Please contact me on contact(at)logicidea(.)com
    I have sent you an email.

    Quote Originally Posted by qualityfasthosting View Post
    Do you have an msn that I can talk to you on?
    I will send you a PM with details now.
    EDIT: Please can you alter your forum settings so you can recieve private messages

    I'm going to be out for the next 6/7 hours but will review this thread as well as my PM box and email when I return. Like mentioned previously, I'm looking for a quick deal so please get in touch right away.

    █ Regards,
    Ben Read - HostinGator

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    Hi please send me details as I can now recive pms.

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    IF you have not found anyone yet, shoot me a PM and we can settle the sale.

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    Hello Ben,

    I would be glad to provide your client a new home. Please get in touch with me via email:
    admin [AT]

    I can help transfer your client sites over if he needs assistance with that.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    The deal has been completed this morning. I've had 30+ replies via PM, email and posting here so sorry if I didn't reply to you. The client has transfered to his new home and payment has been recieved. To make up for the client having to migrate he was bought a 2 year domain (worth $20) and given 15 extra free days service. So all in all I'm happy, the clients very happy and the host buying the client is happy... so smiles all round

    The person who I sold to is also offering me affiliate fees on top of the great once off payment which I think is very generous. I would highly recommend anyone looking to sell a client who gets a PM/email/reply from equipc really considers it as he'll make sure a quick deal is done that is good for all parties involved.
    █ Regards,
    Ben Read - HostinGator

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