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    Cheep quality hosting in Europe

    our company is renting over 10 high-end dedicated machins from Gigainternational

    I would like to recomend them for anyone looking for reliable partner, with quality servers, good support and reasonable prices.

    All issues were always taken care of with great attention and speed. The tech support speaks fluent english and german.

    Hope it will help someone to find his provider.

    Best of luck to all.

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    How long have you been using them?

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    For over a year.

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    Are they good for private servers of games?

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    I find them perfect.

    Only for Poland we have 10 game servers with overall more than 200 miliion page views per month. And all goes smooth.

    Other servers cover: France, UK, Russia and Turkey with good quality.

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    Alright I will check them out.

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