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    E-mail Problems after Cpanel Migration To New Server

    Hey all. I have migrated all my accounts from one cpanel server to another. All the existing accounts, databases and mail have been migrated.

    Also, I have tested mail on one of the accounts and sent a message to it, and the mail did show up on the server through horde.

    The problem I have now, is that, I had setup several of my mail to download to my Microsoft Mail on my desktop, and for some reason on those accounts, the mail is stopping at the login/username prompt in Outlook/Windows Mail.

    This shouldn't be happening because the usernames and passwords for all the accounts stayed the same, and the nameservers and dns has all been forwarded to the new IPs.

    Can somone possibly point me in the right direction?

    I also checked the mx records, and they are all pointed to the correct domain names as they were before.

    Also, I updated the A Names to the new IP's through that option in the base configuration page of cpanel/whm.

    Thanks in advance for any words of advice.

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    If this needs to go in a different forum, please feel free to move it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourcologuru View Post
    If this needs to go in a different forum, please feel free to move it.
    Yup, moved > Technical & Security Issues.
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    Yup, moved > Technical & Security Issues.
    THanks for moving. Would you happen to be able to help?

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    It's possibly an issue with Outlook not liking the certificates on the new server. You might want to reset the certificates in WHM. WHM -> Manage Service SSL Certificates then reset and install new license. Make sure to restart outlook or reboot. If this doesn't work, be sure to involve your provider if the service is managed.

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    yep unixy is correct on this one,i had same issue with outlook before after removeing SSL the error get resloved,but there is no need to remove it but you can reset it by above method
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    If the A record and MX record are different the domain entries should be in /etc/remotedomains.Please check this at your end.

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    Are you sure the dns got updated fully ? May be it is still yet to be updated at your ISPs cache if still you face the issue . Meanwhile you can check if your A record, MX record updation e.t.c you did is pointing correctly using ,

    Do DNS lookup for MX , A record , e.t.c of the domain which has your emails , if they are working properly,I guess it is only due to the DNS updation that is going on .

    If that is fine you can check how your ISP is resolving the domain by using the command

    dig ns @dnsip of your ISP
    dig a @dnsip of your ISP

    if you are using MAC / Linux machine from a Terminal .

    Hope that helps,
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    Thanks for all your answers. I actually used the configure outlook setting within the email and it worked. Looks like something wasn't right in the account settings of my mail. Thanks

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