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    Joomla Designer

    I want to launch two business: Hosting Reseller and Virtual Development Co.
    In both I'll need Web designers and Joomla Designers to work in projects for time to time.
    So I need the follow skills:
    - design Joomla Templates 1.5
    - Migrate Joomla template 1.0.x to 1.5
    - create a Joomla template 1.5 from PSD or other related.
    - Webdesign for HTML / Flash websites.
    please send me your quotes for each one of the below task and portafolio if you have one.
    I need the designer delivery on time the work.
    Right now Im a dedicated freelancer and Python/PHP/Joomla Developer but with a lot the work and I cant manage all of them, so I need help.
    I live in Lima-Peru (spanish speakers is a plus) -5GMT
    The payments could be via: Paypal, Moneybookers or other related.

    Contact me: mlacunza [at] gmail [dot] com


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    I am going to email you and get you in contact with an associate of mine, who's native Spanish speaking. Yo hablo solemente un poco espaniol.
    You can visit their website at

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    thanks for your answer and the rest of Designers.
    Spanish is only a plus,I speak english fluid (I think... ) so the language is no problem for the position is only a plus.
    PLease send me your quotes if you are interested.

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