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    [] Need a phpbb skin / logo!

    Hey Guys! needs a phpbb skin and logo. Can anyone do this for me? Please pm if you're able to!


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    Send me PM about what you are looking for.
    I have a lot of experience setting up vB, phpbb, and other forums sytems. Just need basic idea, and Im sure I can get something up and going ASAP for a good price.

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    I can (try) to make you a logo. e-Mail me or message me with what you are looking for.

    Contact Details are below:

    AIM: Prodigy684
    MSN: [email protected] (Not real e-mail address. I never check it.)
    YAHOO! Messenger: obso_lite
    ICQ: 118830498
    e-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Ryan Dickey


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    I am a web designer and a phpBB mod developer... contact is in my sig.. ask for mike

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    I can code either one of those into phpBB for you for $30

    I also have this logo for $25:

    Let me know.


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    Thanks everyone ... but the position's been filled!

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