RTCubed Consulting LLC has been in business since October 2003. Originally started as an IT company for small business, we realized that our local customers also needed web hosting and simple web page design. Our marketing efforts have largely been to local customers.

However, we are now offering our web hosting services to others on the Internet. Besides hosting

The plans we offer are as follows:

$99/year - 1 GB of space, and 30GB of transfer (personal use)

$10/month - 2 GB of space, and 50GB of transfer (non-profits and personal use)

$20/month - 5 GB of space, and 100GB of transfer per month (businesses)

The reasons for our pricing tiers is we found a niche in helping churches that didn't have much money to spend, so we offer our $10/month plan as a way of helping churches and non-profits establish a presence on the web.

Our $99/year plan would be helpful for anyone trying to start a small blog or family website.

Custom plans can be done. We do not offer control panels. Our platforms are UNIX-based. We will consider taking on clients that need ASP.NET support.

We can also help with custom programming or needs, just ask us.

Why buy from RTCubed? My name is Robert Thoelen, I've been involved in administration of UNIX-based systems for over 13 years now. I'm a software engineer with a strong background in testing. My clients have been pleased with the quality and quantity of my work.

We do have a few rules: no adult content, hacking, viruses, or sites promoting hate. A full TOS and AUP will be provided if you are interested in signing up for one of our plans.

To sign up, visit us at our website, RTCubed Consulting LLC