Hello all. Today I'm looking to sell off a custom Wordpress restaurant database design (fully coded and setup) originally developed for a client a few months ago. This client who I had worked with for a while took advantage of my willingness to code in a live environment because we had worked together in the past and I trusted him and has left work unpaid now for 2 months. So long story short, I'm not selling this custom developed project to make up for my losses.

The Package:
The item for sale is a custom Wordpress template that does not function like your typical Wordpress template. Using multiple custom fields, TDO Miniforms for front-end posting, and a custom restaurant menu plugin to simplify the addition of menu items. Basically the system works like this:

  • User (business) creates an account
  • Business creates their own item listing (much like a phonebook) with establishment image or logo, menu items, description, phone number, address, etc. Google maps are integrated to provide a map of the location of a specific establishment.
  • Admin moderates listings an approves them before going live

The site was originally developed as "The taste you crave". Obviously, the name came not be used, but you are free to use the design and the system and general to your liking. This could serve as a local restaurant database or a more expansive, global one. Or, you could use modify the system to serve as any type of user generated database.

Item Listing

This project was originally developed for $750, but the client left $500 in unpaid fees. All I'm looking for is at least $500 to make up for missing payments - anything over it would just be a bonus. I will setup a live demo once again to those seriously interested if you wish. Please note the project is sold as is. I will set everything up for you but I am starting school once again in two weeks and do not have time to customize a 5 month old project at the moment.

Please email me at [email protected] if seriously interested, the sooner the better.

Thank you! :coffee: