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    Opportunity Sale - 25% Off Initial Invoice. Verdict Networks Per Ticket Option's

    Opportunity Sale - 25% Off Initial Invoice.

    We currently have two options with options one being the most popular choice.
    Option 1)12x7 Only Support (8am - 8pm GMT+8 Mon to Sun)
    $1.00 Tickets - Minimum Purchase 25.
    Australian/USA Staff
    60 Minute Response SLA (Average 35 Minutes)
    Option 2)24x7 Support.
    $2.00 Tickets - Minimum Purchase 50.
    Australian/USA Staff
    60 Minute Response SLA (Average 35 Minutes)
    Frequently Asked Questions;

    Q: Whats covered and whats not?
    A: Verdict Networks Team can handle all level2 tickets that come in generally these tickets are no more than general mail problems and file permission problems, Rest assured if you get a Level3 Ticket we will work hard to do some basic troubleshooting. We only hire System Administrators for our Helpdesk support customers.
    Q: What is your response time agreement?
    A: Verdict Networks agrees to respond to all tickets within 60 minutes of receiving an email notification. Currently we average at responding to tickets within 35 minutes.
    Q: Do you accept PayPal?
    A: Yes, we accept PayPal payments. We also accept other methods, Contact us for more information.
    Q: How long will it take to setup my account?
    A: We will begin our services within 72 hours, However we aim for services to operating within the hour of making a payment.
    Q: Can we use any helpdesk software?
    A: At this stage we accept any help desk software that sends us an email notification. The most common choices out there are WHMCS and Kayako.
    Q: Will my customers know that we outsource?
    A: Absolutely not. We've taken every possible measure to ensure your customers cannot find out we are the ones providing the support to you.


    "Very good outsourced Sales and Tech Support for my hosting company. Polite, and quick to respond to any of my customer's questions. Highly reccomended.
    Having an online sales chat around 24x7, and also technical support via tickets avaialble 24x7 for the past few months with Verdict Networks, has been amazing. We have seen a noticeable increase in sales and customer satisfaction."


    "We found Verdict Networks around 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. The value for money is outstanding. Now we have 24 x 7 live chat which has boosted our sales through the roof. Just having a 24 x 7 live presence has increase our business image of stability. Our existing clients have also made quite a few comments on how they love live chat for quick round the clock responses."

    Live Chat: Any Page on our website.
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