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    managed & unmanaged vps suggestion


    I am looking for 2 vps providers one managed and the other unmanaged.

    For managed I have in my mind wiredtree seems a bit expensive but I might try it out for a month they have a nice offer Is there something cheaper than 50$ and similar quality of provider?

    I am not sure what to use for unmanaged vps with excellent uptime. Specs are 768-1024MB ram, 1000GB traffic, 30-50GB disk, no cp. First priority is the vps to be stable. $35


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    You can look at and their offer:

    A Platinum VPS with their CSO coupon gives you a no CP VPS with 1024 MB of RAM, 30 GB HDD, 900 GB traffic for $32/mo

    But I'm not sure they offer managed services on a NO CP VPS.

    Why 2 providers? Can you get a VPS in two location but from the same company? I have one VPS in the UK and one in the US.
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    For VPS management, you would expect to pay approximately $20 per month, the rest of your budget would go towards the VPS specs.

    Wanting stability, and quality hardware / infrastructure, you would really need to focus on what you "need / want" secondary to the budget; otherwise your budget would need to be sacrificed over quality and vice-versa.

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    Think wiredtree is worth the extra $ never heard anything but good reviews from their clients.
    Check out the offers section for unmanaged servers there are hundreds of them
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    Thanks for your advice. For managed vps I am thinking between wiredtree and servint. The price it's the same. I get more disk space from wiredtree. On the other hand servint seems a bit faster network. I don't know if that burst ram that servint offers can cause some problems. Dedicated ram gives a more stable environment.

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    If you have experience with VPS, go with unmanaged so you can spend that extra money on RAM or BW.
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    Make sure to check out the offers section for Wiredtree's current offer. It was the final decision maker for me. I was considering Wiredtree, Serverint, and a couple of the others that have been highly rated here.

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    check slhost, they also have some good reviews and support.

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    What do you think about futurehosting ? Is it high quality provider like Wiredtree and Servint?

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    not sure what problems there would be for burst ram, Servint gives you dedicated ram you can use the burst if it's available but that doesn't change what is dedicated to you. You should never spec a VPS depending on burst ram.

    FH is very good IMHO they are not quite up to Wiredtree, ServInt or Knownhost but that's just my opinion based on my experience with them all.

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    My recommendation is Future Hosting. Have been with them for a long time now and it has been a great experience, extremely happy with them.

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