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    Post Business Partner Needed - Dedicated Server Business!

    About Me:
    I have been trying to focus on this project under a little of 6 months. I have been trying to build my budget and strength so that i'd be able to work on it alone but that's impossible. So today i am here to find myself a business partner who is ready to work really hard to bring this project to life.

    Your requirements:
    + The Age of 16+ [MUST]
    + Invest a amount of xxxx [One off]
    + On the internet pretty good amount of time per day
    + Can be contacted via MSN, Aim, Skype or Phone
    + A He/She who can be friendly, joy able and laughable but when its business then its business.
    + Someone who can sign a NDA before start and after start a contract.
    + Living in the UK/USA/Europe/India [If other you can still contact me but i'd prefer if it would be based around these areas]
    + Experience with Linux and Debian operating system
    + You must be individual person, no companies are allowed!

    - You have good english skills, both written and spoken (Your translations are needed)
    - Html,PHP,CSS & Web design skills
    - Good with graphical design using different programs.
    - Marketing skills including SEO!

    I am very relaxed and everything can be discussed, do not hesitate to contact me. I will choose the best person i have found.

    What is this project about?
    Information will be provided when you have contacted me.

    How can i contact you?
    Only PM, You will send your E-mail, MSN, Aim or Skype information including your name.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort. It will be a great chance to meet everyone who will be interested!

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    I have also forgot to mention that the equipment including servers/colocation has been setup for a very good price. Everything is in place just need a partner!
    ~ Abby

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