Reselling High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting still remains a virtually untapped market, especially in countries that speak languages other then English such as Arabic, German, etc. If you find it hard to compete with overselling budget hosts then this may be the niche for you. We offer sell as you go plans in which you simply resell our plans at a profit or pre-set reseller plans. We handle all the ddos, server situations and everything else - you simply handle the billing and mediate support as necessary.

We run litespeed webserver for optimal performance, it is totally compatible with all apache .htaccess syntax and server side includes. Sites and php apps will load up to twice as fast. Secureservertech was one of the first hosts who offered Litespeed as a standard solution and we have extensive knowledge and experience to provide the most optimal hosting environment.
Handling Ddos situations is also our number one specialty, we are simply one of the foremost ddos protected hosting providers on the net.

Account setup within 1-12 hours. If you need immediate setup call our emergency number listed on our Contact page

Our Reseller Hosting Plans:
High Risk DDos Protected Resellers - To setup a reseller for ddos protected hosting take a look at our high risk page then contact us to let us know what specs you need and how many sites you plan to host as well as the protection allocation needed. Pre-set reseller hosting will have up to a 50-75% per capita markdown as compared to our single plans, Sell as you go resellers have up to a 25% markdown. For pre-set resellers just let us know how many plans you wish to have the ability to sell and at what protection level. We will consult with you to come up with best solution.

Netherlands Hosting Resellers - High bandwidth allocations, more freedom of speech and content. Another virtually untapped market in which good profits are possible.

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