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    Which Win XP default settings MUST be changed (enabled) for server use on Internet ?

    I would like to start my own small server, but not able to connect it to the Internet ... on localhost address all works quite fine ... I have tried XAMPP, WAMP, APACHE itself, ABYSS and XITAMI on different ports (80, 8080, 8000, 8001 etc) using dynDNS and NO-IP dynamic DNS addresses = the message I get always is the same - timeout ... I have open all these ports in my Win XP firewall and in etc/hosts file I have put these addresses as well ... I use Win XP SP2 computer connected to the internet with DSL cable ...
    ... so - I guess that, probably, Win XP SP2 settings by default have disabled server use ? ... if so - which settings should I enable then ?
    ... would anybody be so very kind, please, and advise something for such a situation (I am a medical worker and know not so very much in all these IT things)
    ... thanks in advance

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    From what you've said, It should be working, Maybe its a problem with your ISP?

    They could be upgrading the network, or something like that. Thats the cause in most case's.

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    It is most probably that your DSL provider is blocking those ports on your connection. Most providers do not like home users running servers off of there home ADSL connections .

    Might be an idea to bite the bullet and get a shared hosting package from a web hosting company.

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    If you are using a router then you need to make sure that you have those ports forwarded - if they already are or you're not using a router make sure that your modem doesn't act like a "router" (some do, even 1 port modems).

    Make sure your modem is in "dummy" or pass-through mode and if it is, and you're not using a router or you have the right ports forwarded there is a good chance your ISP is blocking those IPs - the only way to get them unblocked if this is the case is usually to order a business class plan (more $).
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    Thanks a lot for Your replies!
    It appears, indeed, that there is a router in this house somewhere on the 5th floor ... and - it appears as 'AirLive Broadband Router' from OvisLink Corp ... would anybody be so very kind else and advise some practical steps to forward ports there (for xampp then - port 80 and port 8080) ... sorry, if I am asking too much ... probably - any text on this item somewhere ? ... many, many thanks in advance ...

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    Are you living in shared accomdation at a UNI building, as the way you said there is a router somewhere on the 5th floor.

    If you are then its most probably likely that port's 80 have been blocked far higher up to stop occuptants abusing the shared bandwidth of the conection.

    Like it has already been sugested unless you have a real need for a server you should purchase some Shared Hosting or a Windows VPS, pick a decent providor and your have much greater uptime/support/speed.

    Good Luck

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