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    Quick ServerOrigin VPS Review

    I have posted reviews of bad experiences with hosts in the past, I think it only fair to review hosts upon good experience too.

    I began hosting my site with server origin after having had some problems with other hosts, from the very beginning they were an excellent help and kept me up to date all through the server set up process.

    Once the server was set up they installed all my requirements and answered all my support tickets within 10 minutes which they still do.

    The staff is extremely friendly and go out of their way to help me when I request something.

    I began getting heavy Ddos attacks to the site a couple of weeks ago and with the protection they provide we have been fighting the attacks and holding our own even though they have been getting bigger, All through this they have constantly been configuring and reconfiguring my server to handle the attacks better (even though at times the attacks far surpass my plans filtering).

    With previous host's, upon posting support tickets the replies and actions always seemed to be those of the least effort possible and it seemed like they just told me anything to shut me up but with serverorigin it feels like they really care, they want my site to be up and running as much as i do and I LOVE IT!

    Anyway I am off out so will stop here and simply say I give them 10/10

    Thanks Kevin, Tim, Kayla and the rest of the team.

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    Thanks for your kind review Very much appreciated!
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