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    Looking for a vps provider


    I'm looking for a VPS provider. The specs I'm after is 128mb ram and 5gp disk space - ipv6/64 is a must.

    With a price of up to $20 a month.

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    Have you looked in this board yet?

    VPS Offer

    Some state what ip generation they have others you will need to ask.
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    I believe you need to increase your budget, as I haven't seen IPV6/64 for less than $20 a month. Also take note that with VPSes <$20/mo, you will most likely end up with an OpenVZ VPS instead of Xen or Virtuozzo, which in my opinion are better than OpenVZ. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    Talking VPSLink

    I recommend VPSLink. Good luck.
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    I *think* RapidXen can offer you IPv6 since they use HE. They are well within your price range.
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    getting ipv6/64 within 20 $ is difficult.

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    I would recommend, you can get a vps for $25. They have virtuozzo, although i dont know about ipv6/64

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    sorry medina111 but that isnt much of a recommendation when poster specifically asked for ipv6 and i dont see any mention of ipv6 on

    my recommendation would be: 256RAM, 5GB Disk, $10/month 256RAM, 10GB, $16/month
    both offer IPv6/64.. I have used both and am pleased with both.

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    Have you checked out slicehost? I think they partnered with rackspace and they get really good reviews... I seem to remember that their lower spec VPS were CHEAP. ANd you can customize from any of their packages...

    Otherwise have a look in the offers section here.

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