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    PacificRack's colo $ on website can be misleading for single server owners

    Twice, I tried colocating my 2u server at Pacificrack over the course of 7 months.

    First Time
    I tried ordering their base colo package:
    "1U-2U Single Server, 300GB Premium Bandwidth - $79 /month" which includes "1 Power Outlet" and "1 Network Uplink". There is no mention of amps included or how much additional power costs on their website (that I can find)

    After ordering, I had to open a ticket to get some attention to the order as 5 days passed by without an email or call giving instructions. The responding salesman asked about the hardware specs and how much energy it used, as the "$79 plan may not cover your power requirements.". I never measured the power usage before, wasn't physically able to do so, and had no idea on what was average. I gave him some unrealistic high amount (4.5) based off some online calculator, but thankfully he knew better than to believe that. Anyway, he thought it the specs would use 2.5 amps, which he calculated "will raise the cost on the colo package by $30/month ($12/AMP)".

    Well, if an amp is $12/amp, and I need 2.5 amps, then it's safe to say that the package comes with 0 amps. True, the package doesn't explicitly state any amps included, I was fooled to believe a "power outlet" meant "avg. # amps included, but will ask for more money if it's above normal" - like it was at Colocation America. Actually, the provider I ended up with, Ubiquity Servers says "1 power outlet" as well, but doesn't ask me for more money.

    Since I was surprised with this surplus charge not mentioned on the website and I already paid for the package, I decided to back out. Thankfully, they refunded my money.

    My lesson: There is more than what meets the eye, even if it's a "package" and make no mention of other single server power prices. (Yes, they mention power prices for cabinet size colo, but was irrelevant to me).

    Second time
    After 6 months, I came around and decided to directly talk to a salesman. They're online forms are a joke (never got a response), and I can't call because I work all during the day).
    I found an email address for a sales associate, which I shall not name, and asked him exactly my specs and needs.
    I still needed the "1U-2U Single Server, 300GB Premium Bandwidth - $79 /month" package, but also needed
    a /28 instead of /29
    2 network drops instead of 1

    This time, I figured he'd add estimated amp use to the total (which he probably did, as he didn't ask), so I was looking at a floor of $110 or $115 without my modifications. How expensive could a /28 (instead of a /29) be? How expensive could a second network drop be? Both can be free at some providers, or else less than $10/month

    The quote came back at $175, which baffled me. Upon asking, he told me the price difference was for the "2nd U" and "/28". He also gave me the quote with 1TB of bandwidth, when I only asked for 300gb. After referencing the package and competitive prices, was I able to get it down to the $115 - $120 area (which is good), but I signed up with Ubiquity Servers before getting that last figure. I'm happy that I did.

    My lesson learned: Quotes may not be related to prices of packages - probably to start negotiations high or get more profit.

    In my opinion, signing up with PacificRack is not good for small-time people because they're website may be considered misleading, they take a long time to respond to their web form, and going directly to salesman is asking for aggressive bargaining.

    Ubiquity Servers was much simpler. The salesmen are actually chatting online during business hours, and it didn't feel like I was manhandled. They offer pretty much equal services, and both are located in the Telecom building in LA.

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    That is quite odd that they provided conflicting quotes...

    Ubiquity is a great provider, good to see you chose them (I've used them in the past for VPS and the network rocked)
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    One reason to by low voltage CPU's. Some hosts charge when you are using more then 1.5 amps others don't. I have always learned when buying 1U colo always ask how many amps you get.

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    I don't know about single colo packages at PacificRack, but other than that they're awesome people to deal with.
    Mostafa .:. Specializing in VPS Hosting

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