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    server reached MaxClients setting

    I get this error whenever my site becomes slow or dead

    WARNING: MaxClients of 256 exceeds ServerLimit value of 10 servers,
    lowering MaxClients to 10. To increase, please see the ServerLimit

    Usually I have to reboot it to get it working again. Any ideas how much I need to increase the maxclient or whatever setting? My site is a wordpress site and receives 5k+ unique traffic daily. It has 512ram + 1gb burst

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    The setting is usually changed in apache's httpd.conf configuration file. Look for the prefork section in /etc/httpd/conf/ and increase it accordingly. Also google ServerLimit / MaxClients.

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    If you increase MaxClients for an MPM in Apache, you must also increase the ServerLimit directive. The ServerLimit maximum is always obeyed, no matter what MaxClients says. For example, if MaxClients is set to 1000 and ServerLimit is 256 , then Apache can only serve 256 clients at a time.

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    You should be able to fix this by restarting Apache instead of restarting the whole server.

    If you are using cPanel it would be /scripts/restartsrv_httpd but if you are not using a control panel you could use /sbin/service httpd restart

    I wouldn't suggest running Worker MPM on a VPS with less than 1g~1.5gb ram however you can tweak Prefork to be able to handle more clients.

    Since your Max Clients is exceeding your Server Limit then you will want to up your Server Limit inside of your httpd.conf as others have advised you.

    I can't remember how many clients per server thread Apache uses in prefork mode but a bit of tweaking should be able to tell you.
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