I'm a beginner with a cobalt raq4 at home and I'm wondering if attempts are being made from outside to spam from the mail server running on the raq. There are only two sites on the raq and both are mine. After reading the mail log there are entries there which raise suspicion but that may be my inexperience. I edited the mail log by cutting out loads of crap and just left the lines that look dubious and posted the results here:
if anyone could take a quick glance I'd be grateful to know. I get the impression from the mail log that attempts are being made but without success.
What also puzzled me - but I didn't include these lines in the edited log - were sendmail lines containing addresses from my domain that don't exist. eg: if my domain was mydomain.com there are sendmail entries trying to send mail from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc. The line entry always ends in '>... No such user here'. This is worrying. How can my mailserver be trying to send mail from accounts that don't exist? These accounts don't exist in my email program (Outlook Express) either.