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    Post [Hiring] Sales Representatives – VPS / Shared Hosting

    Steady Communications, LLC., is opening a new brand of budget VPS's. We are actively hiring sales staff for this new company.

    Company Name: Confidential
    Our ETA for opening is currently set to sometime next week.

    // Payment
    • 20% Commission
    • Part time salary – after 30 day initiation period.
    // Requirements
    • Have experience in the selling of virtual services such as virtual private servers, shared hosting, dedicated servers, etc...
    • Speak English fluently, additional languages are helpful but by no mean required.
    • Be friendly and helpful.
    • Work well with a team.
    • Understand virtual private servers and shared hosting.
    • You will be required to advertise our services by what ever means you are aware of.
    Note that we are only hiring a small number of sales staff. In addition, we are not hiring technical support staff. This is not an offer for a affiliate program.

    Please email me with your past experience, performance reports (if available), hours you can dedicated to us, how you plan to sell our product, and why we should hire you.

    Email me (John Rodstrom) at:
    [email protected]

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    Please also note, Steady Communications, LLC is Steadcom's mother corporation. We have been in this industry since May 2007. More information about our history, and staff can be found here.
    Website Design and Marketing in France

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