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    Where you post your classified Ads ?

    Hi all, Iím newbie here and looking for some help from you people. I hope will support me. Where you post your classified Ads ? What you can recommend for me

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    Classified ads for what? To sell your couch? To sell hosting?

    There are a lot of free online classified ads you can post if you just search
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    Try craigs list.

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    Could try posting on Kijiji
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    Via Email would be one of the ways

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    Quote Originally Posted by besteast View Post
    Via Email would be one of the ways
    Classifieds via email?

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    I have found this site to post free classified ads. You can give it a try.

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    If by 'classified' you mean hosting and design services, I generally use forums such as WHT. For other things I usually just go straight to Craigslist.

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    You can post in your local area, i mean your target area where you want to promote your business.

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    You may try,,,, Hope this helps.

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