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    Enter data automatically into multi-entry form possible?

    I don't have access to the coding side, so i was wondering if there was some kind of structure that can be used or a program that will do the following.

    I'm required to enter a lot of data via a web interface, one by one into a form, for example, apple *press select* banana *press select* etc, then finally when i've entered them all i can press submit.

    Is there a program that exists or some kind of shortcut that can be used to enter all that data in one go rather than having to do it one by one? In that i provide the data to the program in a batch file, with some kind of structure and it will enter the data for me? I'm trying to do this automatically as i sometimes have to re-enter the same data by one.


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    not exactly got you but batch uploading in database can possible, you can make a script which can pick data from a file and insert it in database.
    Lot of other ways also.

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    unfortunately i have no access to the backend, just the front

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    please tell us clearly what you have, in which solution your site is (PHP, ASP or ...)You can access to control panel? etc. etc.

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