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    Shipping servers offshore?

    Have a client who is looking at hosting a number of sites offshore, likely in Panama. The sites are targeting Central American users, so he wants to host them close to his users.

    I'm sending out some emails to some datacenters I've seen recommended (HighSecured, HostingPanama), though one concern I have is what is involved with exporting servers outside of the US.

    I know when ordering through Dell, one of the questions in the process is about exporting the servers. For a country like Panama, what sort of restrictions do they have? What kind of expenses should I expect with customs or what not?

    Finally, anyone have any experience with shipping servers offshore? My biggest concern is with hardware replacements. Most colocation there seems to be per-U than 1/2 rack, so I couldn't necessarily have a spare standby server or spare parts sitting in the rack. Even if they could store some spare drives or what not, how do you deal with getting replacements there from Dell, or RMA'ing bad drives? Seems like there would be a lot of time lost and expenses due to shipping things around.
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    I actually work in a offshore data centre, if you contact them most will allow you some form of storage for spare parts unfortunately normally this is at a cost.

    Expect the shipping to take a while, if they say a week make sure you realise this could be and where I am is more likely to be 2 weeks.

    Getting replacement parts from suppliers like dell is good as its free or cheap, but it will take a while and generally you can't really tell a client their server is off-line for a week while you get the parts.

    Can't really comment on the customs part as I deal with more stuff from the DC side of things.
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    I used to live in Panama and HostingPanama is pretty much the biggest hosting company there.

    Shipping things there is actually not that complicated. And I believe they ship your servers from the US to Panama for free. Not sure what they use to ship things.

    Shipping and fees will be expensive if you use UPS or Fedex but it can be done overnight, no biggie.

    Customs shouldn't be a problem here either, if you use Fedex or UPS or something called Airbox there, they will handle all the customs paper...etc.

    Not sure about the spare parts but they SHOULD have them there and just charge you for hardware, just like any other colocation space here in the US.

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