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    A Professional and Unique Coded Hosting Templates for Sales


    I am selling this template which is completely design and coded by me.
    You will get full right after you purchase this template, including resell right.

    This template include:
    1. FOUR coded XHTML webpage
    2. All vaild W3C XHTML strict & CSS Level 2.1
    3. Shown correctly at IE6, FireFox 3 and Opear 9
    4. Element PSD
    5. Fonts used
    6. Minor change

    Small fees:
    1. Extra pages


    Plan Overview:

    Plan A:

    Plan Comparison:

    There are some mouse hover effect in index page, please contact me for a live preview.

    BIN: $230 USD
    Pay via PayPal only, no Credit Card if possible.
    As always, PM me for YOUR price.
    Thank for your time.

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    Forget to say, it is a tabless design.
    Feel free to PM me your price, it is negotiable.
    You can also email/msn your price to: csipsc {at}

    Thank you.

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    It's still available as payment is pending, buyer please send me the payment assp.
    Reduce BIN to $200.

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