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    Arrow Problem with Jumpline

    At 09 December 2008, i register with Jumpline promotion Program (may be via this forum, i don't remember). They give me free VDS for 1 year. I can say that their service are great, me and my friends agree to renew it next month.

    Everything fine until July 29th, 2009, i receive an email that they will move my VDS to another server. They also said my IP may be changed and will be able to see at Control Panel once it done.

    But, in August 1st, my site inaccessible. My VDS was gone. I try login to control panel, but my account was gone too. I try to call them, but since i came from outside US, it won't connected. The operator always said that the number is doesn't exist. May be it my telco operator fault not Jumpline. But after all, i can found how to contact jumpline support since my account deleted.

    Me and my friends just need our database back, because it run Wordpress MU with 50-60 users on it. Anybody can help me to contact jumpline? I try to email their sales with my account details and email receipt, but they didn't response until now.

    Please, any suggestion? I hope there is any Jumpline people around this forum.

    PS: I'm sorry if my english terrible, i'm from Indonesia.

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    Unfortunately if they have deleted your billing account they have most likey removed your vps/vds therefore loosing everything... I would personally never 100% trust a paid host forget about a free one.
    Always backup!
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    They got my Credit Card record, they can bill me if they want. I just not receive any information about that. We do backup, but our backup are 7 days late. You know, if you had 50-60 active blog user, 7 days got a lot of change, you know.

    I hope they still had a newest backup.

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    Yes but at the same time the longer you wait the more time your site could be off-line? unless you already have it back on...

    If they was going to bill you for the service and if they had the backups I am 99% sure you would have a on-line server at the moment... as you don't it isn't really looking that hopeful. No host refuses money from a trustworthy client which you obviously are...
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    We already bring our site back online, with newest backup that we have. using another host, surely. But a lot of my user that dissapoint about that 7 days lost. If we can get bring back more database, my user (and i off course), will be glad. Just it.

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