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    Singlehop 1year (ish) review (unmanaged)

    Hey guys. I moved to Singlehop perhaps slightly less than one year ago.

    At the time I was desperate for more bandwidth and they gave me more hardware and 5tb of bandwidth for a fair increase from my current provider at the time. I got all this sorted out via email on the weekend which apparently means only one sales guy so thanks to him for dealing with me fairly quickly. Setup of this server took maybe 14hours and missed two deadlines that they had set. They installed FreeBSD for me, Which from memory was not listed as an option, and I went for a unmanaged deal.

    Overall marks: 7.0/10
    Network: 7/10
    At the start 8/10
    At the end 6/10
    Ticket responses inc time 4-5/10

    Would I host there again? Maybe - If the price was right. The reason I left? I have servers else where which are prepaid a few months in advanced, I recently ran into paypal problems and it hit me that I know longer needed this singlehop server.

    Network seemed "ok", When I had two servers with them one was constantly dropping (just enough to kill SSH sessions ;( )while the other one stayed up a fair bit more. The bandwidth charts are a little poor (they are flash .swf based) compared to other hosts (my opinion) and they seemed to think it was ok to get rid of all my past graphs on the 1st of jan 2009 (new year). I was able to use the 100mbit connection and full 5tb of bandwidth with no problem.

    What bothered me with singlehop was the ticket responses, Now I went for an unmanaged package and I would really would worry for any one with a fully managed server over there. Response times were typically well below average, Let me stress that these were not "managed style" tickets eg "my apache does not work!!!!!11". There was a couple of major outages and I just could not reach any one from singlehop at all to find out what was going on. Most of these, the main singlehop website would go offline also.

    One of these outages I posted a few tickets which stated I was really stuck for time and I would really appreciate some information on why my servers were offline and a very rough ETA. A lot of time passed and I was late for work, So I actually paid ($5-$10ish can not remember exactly) priority 10mins or less guaranteed response. Well 10 mins came and went as did the hours, I rush home from work on one of my breaks to still find no update from singlehop. Pissed doesnt cover this kind of situation.

    Another situation came up where I needed to move IPs from one server which I was getting rid off to my other server, The hassle this included!! I was sitting in front of a computer for hours and nothing was getting done the delays between tickets were unreal. In the end I paid for priority 10mins or less guaranteed response which got the situation sorted out much more quickly.

    Phantom reboots on both of my servers seemed to be common place, every couple of months. I think I only saw above 100days uptime once on both of my servers. At least twice they tried to fix problems (their own problems) by rebooting the box giving no notice of doing so.

    They always seem to be running some sort of cool new price promotion for new customers while the current customers get no movement at all. I asked a few times about what they could offer me for my new budgets and each time the answer was pretty much just the "normal" price on the website excluding the current promotions. This may be standard practise but just throwing that out there as alot of the people I work with actually care for current customers AND new customers.

    I did pay late for my server a few times. They give you 3 days past your due date then disconnect the box. Upon contacting them they were always happy to bring the boxes back online while I went to the bank.

    If I actually planned any of this post it would be better structured so forgive me for that, My last issue with singlehop and probably the biggest issue for me was constant personal data leaks. My first IP block bought from them displayed generic singlehop WHOIS information. As did my second, But after that they started putting my real information into the whois records. For some of you, this is not a problem - For me, and many it is a huge problem - Not because of what we host but because it is my information why should it be on the internet for any man and their dog to read? So I asked them to remove this information and told them to never do it again, they agreed. Some time past and more IPs were bought, A few months later I noticed these had my information displayed also. Their response was each time I buy a block of IPs I had to ask them to remove it, Fair enough but why was I not told this in the first place? Other places have the systems in place to opt out of this and not have to keep on asking which is what I assumed they had when they agreed in the first place.

    Some time later they decided to throw up a rwhois server, which shows every ones full name address zip/postal code and I forget what else. To say I was horrified does not even cover it. I would really love to have sat in that meeting when they were throwing ideas about "Well the rules say we must do this", "Ok do it!", "wait, Should we tell our customers that were are about to push out all their information onto the internet?!", "what? no."

    As I finish this, There does seem to be an awful lot of negatives, and trust me there was But I did give them 7.0 out of 10. I would host with them again, When things went wrong - they went wrong but other than that things were pretty good. I did stay with them for almost a year

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    i was also with singlehop long before nothing to complait,there ticket respone time is 5min less(but iam in fully managed network.

    comeing to whois i also had issue but chris helped me on that
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    Thanks for the honest review.
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    Wompie the review was really good ! Nice job

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