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    I need a server for our team to cooperate (we are in different locations), we are developing new software. We estimate our need as follows:

    Core: Dual or Quad
    Hard Disk: 200GB
    RAM: 2GB-4GB
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    OS: Windows

    We need to have full control on installing software on the server, and it would be great we will can split it into 2 instances (dev and test). Our budget is $150/month

    Can anyone suggest a provider for us (preferably in US, but it is ok if in Europe).


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    webnx they good
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    815 is very reliable. i suggest you get them
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    Hello ahhn,

    Welcome on this forum and hopefully you will get a big time here.
    Concerning your request did you a search in the advertising forums; perhaps you will find there what you need.

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    I did search the forum and google, but still want to have feedback from those who actually use the service.

    WebNX is good, but it is a little over budget for us (we don't need too many bandwidth as it is only dev. and testing server).

    Take2hosting only offer Linux OS, we need Windows.

    Any suggestions?

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    We have few customers with serves in Softlayer and limestone.

    You could possible try one of them
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    Quote Originally Posted by anhhn View Post
    Take2hosting only offer Linux OS, we need Windows.

    Just to clarify; we do not currently offer Windows as an installable OS choice. However, we do have a number of clients running Windows under XenServer.

    Since you're looking to split the server into two virtual machines, this may be a good way to go for you (regardless of which hosting company you choose).

    Feel free to contact our sales department if you have any specific questions with regards to our setup.

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    You may want to consider getting a Quad Core. Splitting it into 2 will not give a good performance with a Dual Core.

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