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    OpenVPN and DD-WRT Setup


    I need someone familiar with OpenVPN to assist with the following setup:

    1) Install and configure OpenVPN on a CentOS 5.3 machine.

    2) Configure OpenVPN on a router with the OpenVPN version of DD-WRT installed already.

    The goal of this will be to force all connections to go through my dedicated server (web browsing, voip, etc) before going out to the intended destination.

    Ideally, any device at my home that gets it's connection from this router will have all traffic routed through to the dedicated server.

    For security purposes. please note that rather than providing root access, I would like to be provided the exact steps to take to complete this. It should not be an issue to test the setup on a DD-WRT router/Cent-OS, and then relay those same details to me.

    Please send me a PM here, and include the price.

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    The documentation for these are available for free if you do a google search. All you will need to perform is some trial and error .

    A sample docs is
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