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    Game Server At Linux ..


    There is a game Sof2MP v1.00 .
    Its basically for servers running on windows.
    I run game servers.
    There is also a Dedicated Server Patch released for it on Linux.
    But when ever we try to run it, it gives a segmentation fault error after a half run .

    Even many individuals and even companies are getting the same error. But there are some companies which are running it with that through some trick . And some run the v1.03 as v1.00 fails for them .

    Alternate way of running it is through Wine which I am doing it right now but that consumes 120 mb of ram for me which is originally 50 mb per server . For wine we have to run ,

    X term
    Game server it self .

    That's why.
    So please tell how could we run it directly .
    AS some people are doing.

    I have tried to run that on Cent OS, Debian but get the same error .

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    Have you copied the to the /usr/lib or /lib directory? - Quality Engineered Linux/Windows 2003/2008 Dedicated VPS Provider - "VDS/VPS Setup AVAILABLE!!!"
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    Yeah I did it although that file was for 1.03 version which runs fine with the supplied patch .

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