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    Quick Question: Is my registrar tricking me?

    I just bought a .us domain from some guy who registers at He gave me control over the domain. The whois at shows me as the owner, but every other **** site, including, lists him.

    It's been over 3 days. I understand this guy officially still owns the domain. Is he trying to trick me? What should I do?

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    Login to your control panel, change the password, correct any incorrect info, log out.

    On the other hand, which Enom reseller is the domain registered through? If it is the seller then he can still control the domain.

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    The reseller would be, which is, indeed, the seller's own reseller, if that makes any sense. Over there, in my Control Panel, the information is correct. And so it shows in Enom's whois. But ONLY on that Whois, which is what's making me suspect...

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    WHen you buy a domain you always want to transfer it to your own account / registrar.
    You shouldn't have agreed on anything less (ie him giving you 'access' to it)

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    695 and other sites may be caching whois output, showing you previous whois info.

    Use command line whois in linux or check whois in website and you'll get current whois info.

    If you don't trust your reseller, transfer away the domain asap
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    As long as the information is listed correct with the registrar(enom) then it shouldn't be a problem.
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    ENOM will be listed only as the registrar. your name should be there as the registrant though. If not, then contact your service provider and ask them to change the name of the registrant and admin.

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    Some registrars have different who is formats internally and externally. Many years ago I had a domain with a Network Solutions reseller and faced a similar problem. It took me about six months to get the problem rectified.

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