Hejhej everyone.

This machine just came available. This is our entry level dedicated server. Also check out our vps services hosted on Dell r200 machines with VMware kernel.

intel dual core 2.2ghz
2048MB memory
80GB hard disk
apc remote reboot
kvm-ip console
operating system: centos, ubuntu, debian.
Price: €70
You can order this machine here

500GB traffic (about 2.5mbit)
2 ipv4 ip's
ipv6 ranges is possible for no extra charges.

The server is located in Stockholm in the Phonera datacenter (previously rixport80)

Phonera (AS16150) features the following peers and transits. Please note, this is only a small part of Phonera's network, displaying only top transits and peers.

* Carrier1
* Global Crossing
* OpenCarrier
* TeliaSonera
* Cogent
* Interoute
* Colt
* Tele2
* Versatel
* Sarenet
* Swisscom
* Oregon-IX
* Telenor

A small intro about us.

Sweden Dedicated, a company based in Sweden, founded in the beginning of 2009 merging 2 companies into one. At Sweden Dedicated, our mission is to deliver the best web hosting solutions, with the best customer service, on the best infrastructure in the hosting industry today. Our solid infrastructure helps ensure a reliable and secure web hosting solution for you. Our physical infrastructure is not only backed by Supermicro Servers and HP Networking Equipment, but also features our partnership with Phonera to deliver a solid, complete technical solution. Combine these attributes with our diverse hosting automation solutions which include, OpenVZ, HyperVM, DirectAdmin, and Xen just to name a few, and you will see the benefit of working with a well-astablished company.