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    My initial thoughts on GearHost

    OK, time to post.

    I've been with GearHost just about a week now. So far, it's pretty good.. ultra fast network, gotta love it. And their iControl control panel is SWEET. It offers total control, I can do everything from start/stop my web & ftp services, add subdomains (realtime), to check my bandwidth usage, space usage, assign permissions to directories.. etc.

    I have a problem with support though. I simply cannot get issues addressed within one day. I don't get it. Why are so many of these hosting providers so terribly slow at getting stuff taken care of? At the hosting provider I work at, if you call us, we really do get to work on it right away. Mind you, I said addressed, not resolved. Sometimes it takes a whole day to even get a response to my trouble ticket, like "We're looking into this now." Their LiveStats server has been down since probably late afternoon, and it's STILL down. How hard can it be to keep a LiveStats server running?!

    I see Ryan Kekos is trying hard to address the problems, I keep getting e-mail from him saying he knows what's going on and is looking into it. That's good to see, but I'm not seeing a lot of results, and frankly, this is just far too many issues for having just signed up.

    My rating: (out of 10)

    Servers: 9
    Speed: 10
    Control Panel: 10
    Support: 4

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    Glad to here your experience so far OtherMDesign. Please note that your mention of the support issues you raised have been looked into. LiveStats went through some major changes to provide better LiveStats services to our clients; thus your problem. You shouldn't been having any problems since last night though and going forward.

    Keep us updated and thanks for the comments on iControl, we're always trying to improve our control panel.
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