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    Inconsistent number size on charts - Help Please!


    My developer is building some charts, but we are having serious problems with the different sized numbers.
    For example - if you have 88 and 11 - the 88 is taking up more space than the 11 and i want them to be uniform - so whatever the number is they will take up the same amount of space and not make the chart look scrappy.
    A good example of how this works well is :
    we have done all of the obvious like changing fonts, etc... But still had no luck.

    So basically i'm trying to get a fixed character width in PHP GD

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Tried using a fixed width font?

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    if you use smaller font for 88 then 11, it also looks not good, so I recommend you fix cell width in which max. digit width can adjust.

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    Yes we've tried fixed width font - not sure of any fonts like that which exist.
    Have tried Arial, times new roman, tahoma.

    Have you any suggestions?

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    fix font size and also fix cell size.

    Have you any suggestions?
    suggestions for what?

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