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    Charging site visitors

    Am looking for a host that is set up to charge users to access content. Would rather not write application logic. I need to charge users for access for a predetermined period, e.g., a month.

    Do any providers specialize in this type of service? Thanks.

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    You can utilize any web host that supports Php and MySql then simply search Google on "Membership Software". Have it installed on the hosting account and you're all set.
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    What are you wanting to charge for (what type of site)? Chances are (as jrianto pointed out) that there is already a script that has been written to handle what you are wanting to do.

    I don't know of any hosting providers that offer such a system as I don't see it being in high demand and it's not really something that a host would handle (more of a webmaster type of thing).
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    visit hotscripts and start searching for membership software

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    If im thinking right and all are you meaning by like you need a host that would allow you to run a script that makes people pay to access your site if that is then there would be no problem i personaly think..

    But if your meaning that you want a host that will provide you the script then i dont know about that, I never heard of a host or provider providing a script like that. Your best luck is to do is go on google or hotscripts and serching it up.

    - Greg

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    I assume you need to have web application for that ready and then search for the web hosting service provider, That is not what web hosting provider will be able to do for you
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    Find for membership script and install it to your hosting.
    You can setup the backend of the script and you are ready to go.
    Web hosting provider only provide space not the script so you have to find the script and install it yourself to the host.
    I recommend using Joomla and AEC component because it is easy to setup.

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    Like accessing premium forums on WHT

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    Look into something like DZOIC Handshakes or something similar maybe?

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