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    Domain propagation and time running out!

    Hey guys, I just have some questions for you experts out there...

    Short version: My new domain hasn't propagated and I need to renew it at another registrar by Sept. 1st!

    Long version: Here's the thing: I just bought (Well, I'm still in the process) a .us domain name from a reseller who registers at I created an account at his reseller site so he could transfer easily. I have control over the website. However, while the whois at shows my information, no other whois sites do. It's been more than three days already.

    1. Is this normal? I mean, how long do changes in ownership information usually take to propagate? Do they take longer in .us domain names?

    2. Unfortunately, the domain name registration expires on Sept. 1st. (Omg) I need to renew right now. However, I don't want to renew at his site, but rather at my own usual registrar, which is also from Can I transfer to my own registrar even if the whois doesn't show my information? How long would the transfer take if both registrars are from

    Thanks for your answers!

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    Typically you can not transfer a domain within 30 days of expiration. I suggest you contact both registrars and ask some questions on the policies they hold. As far as the whois information, yeah it could take take that long.

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    Why did you create another thread on the exact same issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smajer View Post
    Typically you can not transfer a domain within 30 days of expiration.
    Yes you can. That's when most people check out alternatives and move them.

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    You can move them within the last 30 days, you can't change any details except the nameservers on the domain once it has expired and needs to be renewed.
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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    you want to transfer it from one ENOM reseller to another. This would not be a transfer I think as the registrar is the same. Contact their Support team and ask them how to do this.

    At ResellerClub, if you want to move a domain from one reseller to another, its a move and not transfer. And the move happens instataneously unlike transfer which takes 5-15 days.

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