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    * HostPenguin - Website Installs/Integrations starting at $10.00

    HostPenguin Integration Services
    Are you still looking to help improve your company current script template? Integrating is where we combine your website and your script design together. Our integrations will leave people wondering how did they do that or how much did they pay for a custom script! Our service are Affordable, Fast, and Reliable meaning the best outcome for your script. We have a huge portfolio that is constantly building each day. I would like to invite you to take a look at our website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Our Prices

    If you want to view more, please check out our website.

    Client Reviews and what Guest Have to say!!!:

    I am very impressed! I had them integrate WHMCS into my website, and it turned out way better than I expected! I thought I was getting a little annoying even asking them to do all sorts of things, but they worked with me and got it done! Can't be more satisfied in their service. I would recommend host penguin to anybody that needs integration. Amazing job!

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    I have had great experiences with Matt from Host Penguin. He is reliable, quick and knows what he is doing when it comes to integration. Very good guy to work with. Infact, I think he has a new ad up here on WHT

    Check him out, he is very good and affordable.
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    You guys better take this offer, I got a great customization. Cheers!
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    So you constantly check out this thread and you wish we were just a little bit cheaper. Well here is once in a lifetime chance! We are going to run a promotion for the next 12 HOURS and you will get 50% off the total cost of a WHMCS Integration.

    You could actually get your WHMCS done for $10.00 by a company who has been doing this for almost 2 years now!

    Here is the catch...
    1. You will need to post the following in this thread "I love HostPenguin Integrations!" and i'll private message you with the coupon code.
    2. We really want to see what you though about the overall service whether it was Horrible or Great!
    3. Only for WHMCS Integrations.

    I am 99.9% sure that all the feedback we get will be great and we look forward in working with you!

    Ends at 9:31a.m. Eastern Time Zone.

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    Hi Matt,

    Could you look into my Wordpress integration request for me please (Ticket #935209, order #6975980387 and invoice #22177)?

    I have tried replying to my original ticket, opening a new ticket, emailing you direct (mattg AT and trying to get you via IM, but without any luck. I have even tried contacting you via PayPal (ongoing).

    As you can see, my order was placed on the 29/08 and mentioned a '72 Hour Guarantee'. I wondered if there was any problems with the order or if I could help in any way?

    Please let me know when I could expect the integration to be finalised, and also if there is anything more you require from me,

    Thank you,


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