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    How Dose This Sound?

    Would it be good to sell Web hosting such as Resellers Shared Hosting and VPS also Dedi servers and have another shift in the company witch sells Web Designs and more?

    Would this cost a lot of money and how much time would I need to put into it being the Owner?

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    If you enjoy all these, then you can do all these just fine, since it would be like doing a "hobby" that makes money.

    If you're just after the money, I would think it would be an extremely hard work and most likely people would be discouraged after starting up the business for 1 year.

    It all depends on you, if you enjoy it, then by all means go for it, you'll make a good living out of it for many years to come.
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    You could earn a lot if you love that job.

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    I love the job. I'm thinking of opening up something like this. Its just the money to start it off....

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    Money to start off? I started with about $50.00 two years ago and have built on it more and more from there.

    It's not money that's a required thing, it's time and patience, and a LOT of dedication.
    If you love to do this type of job, you'll be successful.
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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    I completely agree mooseweb.... I started selling webspace as a hobby and have built on it and have done alright.... I love this stuff and learn more and more all the time.

    As mentioned above, if you love it, then do it, but make sure you have a lot of time for dedication towards it.

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