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    Need managed VPS to host phpBB forum

    I need a highly reliable, managed VPS host for an existing phpBB forum.

    Site gets about 60k to 120k hits per day (roughly 500mb to 1gb bandwidth per day).

    Help with migrating the forum would be helpful too.

    Any recommendations?

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    It really depends on your budget. Your resource use is pretty reasonable and there are a ton of providers out there that would meet your needs. I would recommend going with an established host IMHO there is just less risk in doing so.

    Since you need managed hosts I would point you to Knownhost, Wiredtree and Servint. All of these provide excellent service and support and I doubt they would have any problem helping you migrate your forums.

    But you should take a look at the offers section and then do research for reviews here on anyone that catches your attention. I would then contact them directly with you needs.

    Good luck!
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    I would recommend checking out one place I currently use...

    Fully managed, responsive, decent hardware, and reasonably priced.

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    It shall depend on configuration that you want and type of traffic that you expect.there are numerous options available.
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    Where are most of your users from?
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    My recommendation would be to get a VPS with 1 GB RAM or even more (Have you actually used a virtual server for this forums or you have been on shared account?). I would suggest you also to be careful with the different interpretations of the term "Managed VPS" because different company understands it in a very different way.

    Otherwise no one would make suggestions here. You should spend some time to find out who are the VPS hosting providers that users define as reliable.
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    What is your monthly budget?
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    You need high Bw and maybe 1 gb Ram will fine or more
    You need check
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