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    * Compatibility Headache with Plesk versions .. any cure?

    Hi friends,

    Moving from one control panel to another is a big headache, especially for non-admins.

    Recently, I've been told from a sys admin that moving from version to version in Plesk is also a headache!!
    specifically from 8 to 9

    I need your experience and advice here:

    If, for any reason, one decided to move from host-1 to host-2 - either moving a whole VPS with Plesk installed, or just the domain accounts under it individullay - where host-1 has Plesk 8 and host-2 has Plesk 9..

    - will moving your mails be a problem?

    - Are there any compatibility issues?

    - Should I just consider hosting on no-panel for this reason [movability], paying significant time to get things done without any panel?

    is this the only solution?

    your feedback is really appreciated!

    NB: I know there is always the 'manual' solution, where I just copy and paste email folders in FTP..but don't know how to do it, and if it costs too much time or special server scripting or anyhting like that.
    Plus, on the CMS front, I don't know if manual work will work too or not

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    Do you mean upgrading from Plesk 8 to Plesk 9? We have done this on many servers and it went pretty well. Few issues here and there but nothing too bad. We also changed from Qmail to Postfix.
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