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    Thumbs up Short review of

    Well, I've been creating websites since 1998, and I have tried more hosts that I can count, but has really impressed me so far. The support is great, even if I only have been in contact with 2 people (Tim and Paul), and the server is very fast. I have all the space and bandwidth I can possibly need. What really makes a difference is how much these 2 guys would do for support, when I signed up they started setting up the VPS as I wanted, later at night when I was ready to move everything from my old host. Tim helped me for 2-3 hours online and we got everything working as it should.

    Very fast and stable servers (UK)
    Good price
    Good personal support (from early morning to late night)
    Friendly staff

    Office hours to 5.30 pm (there is mail support later though)
    No ticket or chat system (support is by mail directly)
    Website limited on support resources

    Send me a private message for a link to my forum and login information (it's a private forum).

    Thanks for reading, more info:
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    Personally I like knowing there is support 24 / 7. You never know you could be showing a client something on your website and your website goes down. Nothing worse then portraying that to a potential client. However, it does sound like their support is top notch.

    I'm glad to see that overall you seem very satisfied with the level of service you have received. Please, keep us updated as your weeks, months and hopefully years progress with the company. Thanks again for sharing!
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    Could you please verify your domain hosted with them?

    You don't have to post it publicly as you can PM a mod.

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    I have verified it by using the Report button, is this ok ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha10 View Post
    I have verified it by using the Report button, is this ok ?
    Thank's for your great review and yes it's ok doing that im sure a mod/admin will come back to this thread and post verified.
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    Yes great review, thanks for the info.
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    Thanke for Your review
    keep us updated
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    Reseller and Webhosting.
    Tomer A
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    alpha10, are you still with
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    thanks for the review.

    imho, it's a "must" for them to give an excelent service for that range of prices
    please cmiiw always
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    I assume they will change their support model as soon at they grow. In any case your review sounds really great and it is really nice to here that.
    Good luck with your company.
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    You really do not ever want to use this service - It is not a service - My site has never been up for more than 2 weeks and support is if you call it that is shocking - My business loses money every single month due to this Global Gold hosting.
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