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    Pretty funny music video I found on YouTube.

    Directed by: Jed Whedon
    Music by: Jed Whedon
    Lyrics by: Felicia Day
    Rap: Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh
    Backup Vocals: Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon
    Director of Photography: Omer Ganai
    Choreography: Chantal Robeson
    Edited by: Jeff Yorkes
    Produced by: Christian Agypt, Felicia Day
    Costumes: Sarah Trost
    Weapons: Greg Aranowitz
    Production Design: Tyler Robinson

    Vincent Caso
    Felicia Day
    Jeff Lewis
    Amy Okuda
    Sandeep Parikh
    Robin Thorsen

    Bijoya Das
    Jul Kohler
    Maurissa Tancharoen
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    I can't wait for Season 3. Only a few more days.

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    Didn't know felicia was capable of such.. such.. um... facial expression
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    That started my Friday off on a good note. LOL.

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    I forgot all about these, haven't seen them in forever.

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