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    Reported Attack Site!

    my website cant access with firefox.

    may i know how to solve this problem?
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    Go through your source code and see if anything such as hidden iframes have been appended to it. You'll then want to check your HTTP logs to see if there appears to be a CGI exploit and your FTP logs to see if that was a source of exploit.

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    You can check your site in

    90% it will be because coding issue with the website or it will be having some link to other malicious site.

    Only google will be reporting this error ( Mozilla fire fox ) your site will be accessible in IE.

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    Your domain is injected with iframe scripts. Check your index.html/php and other files under your domain and you will find some codes there.

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    You need to fix your site and find the exploit, and then convince google that you won't get hit again.

    Good luck!

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    check your PC...i think you have spyware.malware
    I seen the exact same screen today when my clients tried to get to there local citrix servers is the domain name

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