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    Im in the process of launching a website design agency based in the uk, can people please review my site, its at

    As I am very keen on encouraging young developers we have a workshop section which will be full of tutorials, I would like opinions on this to please.


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    Overall its a very clean, neat and professional design. I really like the hex blue you have selected and how the overall website is constructed. I would suggest perhaps adding a JS (JavaScript) or making some effect to the images such as in Photoshop to really set them off and grab the users eye. Great job and best of luck!
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    Simple, clean and to the point.

    I like it! It needs more content, but that'll grow overtime I assume. I like the different shades of blue and the difference between background and site container.
    hi there!

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    Gshh, I normally wouldnt like a site like this because it's too simple but this one is a good one.

    I really like it, clean , simple loads fast to the point.

    Great job.

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    Pretty clean design, easy to read, easy to navigate. Where's your logo?

    The tutorials section will be good for search engine queries and should help you bring in more hits. Overall, looks decent
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    MediaFireBrand: To be honest that was the aim of the tutorial section, Also I have a logo but it makes the website look less clean if I include a logo.

    JayAugust: What sort of content do you think its lacking

    Thanks everyone for reviews so far

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