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    I just installed OpenVPN on a Debian system. I ran into a few problems:

    If we want to assign say eg 10 IPs are they able to be shared amongst eg 20 users?

    OPENVPN_IPRANGE : The first 3 digits of IP address in your VPN.
    If I wanted to use eg how would I put that in my config?

    Does anyone also know how the auth-user-pass thing works? It works by a text file which contains the username and pass which openvpn verifies rather than a client cert?

    Thank you, and looking forward to your replies.

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    There is detailed, specific Debian documentation which has come with your deb package. The first three digits of your netblock is 123.123.123
    73s Ragu/VU2RGU
    A LowLie SysAd

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    Thanks for your help!

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