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There are only 5 slots available at this price. You can purchase as many as you want at this price until these 5 slots are gone.

All plans come with a no-hassle 90 day Money Back Guarantee and a 99.99% or better uptime guarantee. You can change your chosen OS up to once a month at no charge. High-end nodes running Xen. RAM is not oversubscribed.

$99/month - Expert hwVPS 2009

  • 4096MB dedicated RAM
  • 4096MB swap on RAID1 15K RPM SAS storage
  • 100GB RAID10 15K RPM SAS storage
  • 300GB RAID6 7.2K RPM Enterprise SATA storage
  • 25Mbit/sec unmetered full-duplex bandwidth (14000GB/month)
  • quad 3.0GHz virtual CPUs
  • 5 different OS choices - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition x64
  • free hosting control panel option available for CentOS 32-bit (BlueOnyx)
  • Coupon Code (apply during checkout): 827wht99

Smaller plans are available at our web site, though not part of this offer. Other available options include CPanel, Managed, Clustered, and PCI Compliance.

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