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    Window's VS Linux : Download/Upload Speeds

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few quick questions for anyone and I’m hopping someone can figure out a solution.

    I recently came off a bad hosting experience and was forced to switch hosting companies. With the switch I decided to get a window’s VPS server for uploading files onto the internet. With my previous hose I had a dedicated window’s server that I used for this purpose. In any case, on my old server (Window’s Dedicated Sever) I was able to download at 10mbps while on my new window’s VPS server I was only able to download, from the same source, at 2mbps ( With the Window’s VPS server I am also only able to upload at a speed of about 200klbps (

    So, I switch my Window’s VPS server over to Centos and installed VNC on it. I tried to download the exact same files and this time my download 1.1 mbps ( while my upload was 10mbps. (

    I would like to switch my server back over to window’s because I prefer working with windows. It runs much more quickly then Centos and VNC. I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix everything so I get the most out of my connection. I’m supposed to have a 100mb connection but I’m getting nothing near that.

    So to clear anything up. I connect to the server using my home computer and window’s built in Remote Desktop Connection. Once connected I download files using my server and firefox. The only thing I use my computer for is to connect to the server.

    If it matters, both my dedicated server and my old window’s vps were running window’s 2003. I had the option of installing window’s 2008 on the VPS but I stuck with 2003 since I had already used it.

    I hope this message is clear and I hope someone can guide me in terms of what to do.

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    Can be numerous of things on the download or upload speeds. The port on the machine could be over used during high peek times. Do you find it at times that the speed is faster than other times, or is it always the same? On your dedicated machine, you were not sharing your 100Mbps port with others. - Quality Engineered Linux/Windows 2003/2008 Dedicated VPS Provider - "VDS/VPS Setup AVAILABLE!!!"
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    The speed seemed to be always the same. Even on my dedicated machine though I wasn't able to upload at very fast speeds. I had the network card switched a few times but it didn't do anything.

    I mean, there must be something I can do to get full use of the connection.

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    Anyone else?

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    depend on contact server network witched etc
    make Different
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    Number one your reading those wrong. Most of those download's were about 1MB/s or 1 MegaByte a second. Not 1Mb/s or 1 Megabit a second.

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