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    * DYNACERON - Q9550, 8GB RAM, 5TB BW, FREE Control panel for life! - Germany $149.95/m

    ******* WE'VE GONE MAD!? **********
    Free cPanel or DirectAdmin with your server purchase! with Dynaceron Price Guarantee!

    ******* Important Information **********

    Promotion only valid for new customers.
    Discount only applies to one server per customer.
    Promotion valid for limited time only.
    Dynaceron Servers reserves the right to refuse service to any individual.
    The control panel that comes with your server will be free as long as you have an account that is in good standing with us.
    Promotion can not be combined with other promotions.

    Please select cPanel promo in the control panel drop-down list, if you chose cPanel instead you will have to pay for it.

    ******* Configuration **********

    Intel® Co
    re2Quad™ Q9550 (4x2.83GHz)
    8192 DDR2 Memory
    2x500 GB SATAII HDD
    5000 GB Transfer
    3 IPs
    Price $149.95/month
    Click to Order
    OS Linux - Free Control panel!
    Over 10 available. ACT QUICK!
    Server location:Frankfurt - Germany

    **** Setup Time *****

    Server is usually setup in 2 hours or less, under rare circumstances it may take up to 12 hours maximum.

    **** Contact Us *****

    Click here to chat with us live

    Any comments please post a reply! *****

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    I'd like to order this today. I just want to confirm it's still available. I'm looking on the site and don't see an option for FreeBSD.
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    FreeBSD can be installed, and just curious where did you get the idea of getting the server for $15?

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    that was the last you updated the pricing...
    I did perform a speedtest to Chicago using the 100mb file and it ranged from 60kb/sec to 150kb/sec which is entirely too slow to serve my customers. Was there a reason why it would be this slow. My connection is 50mbps down and 10mbps up, and I performed a speedtest to ensure it was not an issue on my end?

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    must have been something with my net, my apologies, because I just got 400-500kb/sec this time. Who knows.

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    The server is in Germany, plus you are in Chicago so I don't know about the speed you will be getting from there, and can't make any guarantees.

    Yes the price was updated but as you can see that is totally a different thread.

    If you order today you will get the server until the end of the month at a pro-rata price.

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