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    ever heard of sitehostz?

    Is this real? Has anyone used this company before?


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    They look real...never heard of them be4 though...
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    They have a few postings here, though I don't personally know anything about them

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    * About Sitehostz

    I have been fairly satisfied with I have had down time, but overall for the last two months I have had 98%. One main server was hacked a few days ago by one of the people that signed up.

    Overall I would say this is a very good hosting company. If you do not have a large site, and can take a few minutes a day of downtime I would say use him. He really cares about his clients, and he has been very patient with me! He is also very quick about getting back with you when you ask questions using the helpdesk!

    Great Company! Great Pricing!


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    SiteHostZ Network is a small privately funded company and yes, We have had our share of ups and downs. Our biggest problem until recently was that we are growing at a very high rate of speed. Being ranked in the Top 10 of all major search engines pulling in over 1 million visitors per month has kept us very busy with supporting our ***** clients. We now have clients in every US state and also various countries around the world.

    We took a business killing chance to move all of our servers to a huge datacenter with Premium bandwidth that has the best uptime that we have ever seen. However, only a few days after the move, one of the new cpanel servers that went online was hacked. Pure luck I guess of anyone finding that Ip when they did.

    However, We are back on track and are running @ 100% uptime on all of our DSM Linux and Cpanel Servers and even our Windows 2000 Servers have had no downtime. We offer decent pricing and hope that we can strive to make our clients happy for now and for a long time to come.

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    1 Million visitors/month?

    Come on......Not that I only go by Alexa rankings alone but your listed 512,000. I'm ranked around 200,000 and I don't quite receive near as much as that.

    Anyway - not trying to put the kybosh on this thread. You do have a very nice site.
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