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Thread: Cogent Off-net?

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    Cogent Off-net?


    I'm looking to purchase about 20 megabits of connectivity from Cogent. My datacenter will be in a non-cogent building, so I'm stuck with getting their off-net server. I've left them a message but I'm generally wondering about their prices. How much would they charge for such a request? Are they worth it or are there better providers out their?

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    Each market is different in terms of bandwidth options. Where is your data center going to be located?
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    Typically you would need to get transport to a Cogent lit facility. Not going to be cheap. Your best bet is going to be find who is onNet in your building already...
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    We have Cogent as third option in Europe, but we have decided not to use them in U.S. The reason was that they are very bureaucratic and their pricing were not that good for us. So we decided to spend more but to sign up with premium bandwidth providers. But to be more specific, you should not expect to get a price of less than $11 - $12 per Mbps for the quantity you need to buy.
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    I don't think the mbps pricing is different for on/off net but you will have to pay for extra transport (fiber) to your location. This could easily more than double or triple the effective per-mbps rate when all is said and done.
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    Uk price for that CDR from cogent would be 5 per mbps in my experience.
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    I agree with Jay, the haul costs, or the transport fees would make cogent $/Mbps in the range of "deemed better" carriers. If you've got carrier options already in the building, you should find out who and let us know

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