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    Unhappy Billing problem with VaServ/CheapVPS/BlueSquare ?

    Hello everyone,

    Am I the only one having very long ticket answer time with their billing department? I have a ticket open since August 14th, saying that I have a billing issue with them but I got no answer.

    They are sending me letters to tell me that the legal department will take care of my overdue invoice if I don't pay. They have generated another invoice today, which is wrong and I got no answer to my tickets.

    Their tech department apparently fixed my memory problem but top isn't showing any improvements. I must re-open another ticket, great thing that this department replies to my tickets rapidly.

    Still, I had a complete data loss in June and now I'm facing this issue. That makes me very very sad and I seriously begin to doubt if the whole BlueSquare acquisition thing was a good idea (because apparently they are assigned to my ticket).

    Anyways, thanks for reading!

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    Same here - It seems to be a common problem in vaserv after ownership change..

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    Oh didn't check the dedicated forum, well, I feel sorry for Rus he such a nice guy

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    Worst case scenario, I would push the issue by replying to the ticket again at least asking for an SLA if able to be provided.
    Ryan G.

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