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    Thumbs up Radio Advertising Good or Bad?

    I'm gonna give a brief summary of what I do, and then explain why radio has worked for me.

    Internet54 is a company that deals with getting local businesses an online presence. This could be a small mom and pop business to a large corporation. Our goal is to get every local business a website. My specific area is HURTING for this work. I've done the research and found out that the majority of business owners just need it brought up to get them thinking about it. They call or email and ask questions, then it's up to us to go in and close the sale. This is not the same in every market I'm sure, but in ours definitely.

    The easiest way to get in front of someone is for them to voluntarily let you. Business owners on a daily basis are listening to the radio. Most of the time they leave it on one station and never change it. My business runs a 1 minute long radio ad on two different stations. They are being listened to.

    The typical cost of radio advertising for 30 spots would be around $400-$600 a month. Since I've been on the radio I've received over 20 design requests in the few months online. I seem to be getting 2 prospects per week and 1-2 referrals per month.

    I could give more information about my business plan, how it's succeeded, and how my projected years income has already been achieved, but I won't unless you guys send me $50

    Seriously, I'm willing to give you a solid working business plan for $50.

    Overall, I've been really satisfied with the radio advertising.

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    Radio ads are a little cheaper where I live, but I see typically the same results design wise. It seems silly to sell a business plan for $50 though. Just use your plan to create a "solid working business", rinse, and repeat. Then you won't need our $50. =) - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    Since this appears to be an offer, moved to the advertising forum section.
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